Liberty Science Center

NJCE has partnered with The Liberty Science Center to bring you and your families a customized assortment of hands-on activities, science demonstrations, and science shows that will inspire and engage all ages in the pure fun of science. Join us for Live Shows, Tabletop Activities, Presentations and Takeaways ALL WEEKEND!


It’s​ ​electrifying!​
Take part in the most shocking experience in Liberty Science Center Pavilion as you learn where electricity comes from, how it behaves, and even if people really do conduct electricity.
States​ ​of​ ​Matter!​
​Using super cold liquid nitrogen and common household items, Liberty Science Center educators demonstrate how and why things change from solid to liquid to gas to plasma.
Power​ ​of​ ​Air!​ ​
Experience first hand how strong air can be in this interactive workshop exploring Bernoulli’s Principle, Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion.
Magneto’s​ ​Levitation
The demonstration will provide a look at quantum levitation by super cooling a superconductor with Liquid Nitrogen.
The​ ​Blob​
​Using Silly Putty, this will demonstrate The Blob’s mutant ability of being invulnerable to blows.
Spider-Woman’s​ ​Pheromones​
Attendees will have to smell different scents and use their smell memory to find the matching substances.
Professor​ ​X’s​ ​Mind​ ​Control​
We will be using a small Arduino setup that will be using a TENS device and electrodes.
Thor’s​ ​Hammer
This will involved a handmade Mjolnir that people will try to see if they are worthy enough to lift the hammer.
Aspiring computer scientist, get ready for a hands on introduction to the world of robotics.
Engineering​ ​&​ ​Design​ ​station
​ ​Design and test everyday engineering feats! You become the engineer with this amazing hands-on science.
Superhero​ ​Quick​ ​Change​
an someone replicate that super speed by placing on a super suit of their own?

​ ​​Do you have the power to manipulate light? Come experiment with our 3D printed, hand-held laser projector to create messages.