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Ashley Uncanny will be at NJCE17!


Ashley Uncanny is a published model and cosplayer from New Jersey. Ashley began cosplaying in 2012. Her love of cosplay stems from her love of making her own costumes growing up because the costume stores never had what she wanted to wear for Halloween. Other interests that sparks Ashley’s cosplaying is her love of drawing and painting. Ashley has been a fan artist for many years and her drawings inspire her cosplays. Ashley Uncanny is most known for her cosplays of Jack Frost, Elsa, and a female version of Draco Malloy.

Colleen Doran at New Jersey Comic Expo 17!


Colleen Doran is an American writer/artist and cartoonist. She illustrated hundreds of comics, graphic novels, books and magazines, including the autobiographical graphic novel of Marvel Comics editor and writer Stan Lee entitled Amazing Fantastic Incredible Stan Lee, which became a “New York Times” bestseller. She adapted and did the art for the short story “Troll Bridge” by Neil Gaiman, which also became a “New York Times” bestseller. Her books have received Eisner, Harvey, and International Horror Guild Awards.

Mark Poulton is coming to NJCE17!


Mark is a comic book writer/children’s book author who has worked for DC ComicsImage Comics and Arcana Studio. He is best known for his children’s book series, A CAT NAMED HAIKU, which was nominated for Best Single Issue Story in the 2011 Eagle Awards. It was recently adapted as an animated short for Top Buzz starring DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’s Kiefer O’Reilly as Haiku and Mark as Haiku’s owner. He co-wrote SAVAGE HAWKMAN for DC Comics during the New 52. He relaunched Rob Liefeld’s AVENGELYNE at Image Comics in 2011. Once it finished publication, AVENGELYNE ran as an acclaimed webcomic series at Keenspot.comwhere it amassed a readership over 500,000. Some of Mark’s other credits include Image Comics’ BRIGADE and Arcana Studio’s KONI KONFIDENTIAL. His latest book, an all ages graphic novel, PIZZA TREE, was co-written with his 7 year old son, Chase.

Ashley Du will be here at New Jersey Comic Expo!


Ashley is an International Cosplayer, Twitch Affiliate, Published Model and Special Effects Artist.

She has always loved gaming, comics and anime. It was this love that lead her to discovering cosplay at her first con. Right there and then that she fell in love with cosplaying and the cosplay community. After a few years of closet cosplays, she started plucking up the courage to begin making her own costumes. She discovered that it was an incredible creative outlet. Ashley has since been pushing the boundaries to what she can make. She loves to sew, build armour with craft foam or Worbla, make silicone suits or prosthetics, learn make up techniques and play with body paints.

Scott Hanna is coming to the Con!


An Eisner Award winning artist in the graphic novel industry, Scott Hanna has been drawing and inking comic books for over 30 years. His work has been published in over 1,000 comics and graphic novels, and he’s inked over 22,000 pages of comics art.

A founder of the Arts and Fashion Institute in PA with his wife Pamela Ptak, Scott teaches classes in sequential art, anatomy, drawing and cartooning.

At DC Comics, he has worked on most of their major titles, most notably a five year run on Detective Comics staring Batman, Green Lantern Corps, working with David Finch on Wonder Woman and Lee Weeks on Superman, Lois and Clark.

At Marvel Comics, Scott’s worked on all the top characters at the company, including the Avengers, Spider-Man, IronMan, the X-men and the Hulk. He’s drawn Spider-Man for fifteen years, working on almost every title staring the wall-crawler.

Currently he is working on Wonder Woman, Super Sons, and Action for DC Comics, Black Panther and the Crew, Venom, and X-Men Blue for Marvel.

Scott received a total of seven Inkwell Awards for “Favorite Inker”, “Most Adaptable Inker” and “Props Award” from 2010-2016, the 2005 Wizard Fan Award for “Best Inker” and the 2002 Eisner Award for “Best Serialized Story” – Amazing Spider-Man #30-35. Hi work appeared in th Smithsonian’s 9/11 anniversary exhibit with artwork from the book HEROES. He had a one man show at the Storefront Artist Project in Pittsfield, MA; ‘The Art of Scott Hanna’; his art was featured in a 2010 exhibit at the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art in NYC, and he had a one man show at SteelStacks in Bethlehem, PA in 2015. Most recently his work was exhibited  in The Society of Illustrators Art of Spider-Man exhibit.

Garth Ennis with us in this November!!


Garth Ennis has been writing comics for almost thirty years. His credits include Preacher, Hitman, The Boys and successful runs on The Punisher and Fury for Marvel Comics. He is also well knows for his war comics, most notably War Stories, Battlefields and a recent revival of the classic British character Johnny Red. Originally from Belfast, Northern Ireland. Ennis now lives in New York City with his wife, Ruth.

Sholly Fisch will be with us this November!

Bitten by a radioactive typewriter, Sholly Fisch has prowled the night, writing comics for over 30 years. His credits run the gamut from Superman to Star Wars to Scooby-Doo, and from Clive Barker’s Hellraiser to Looney Tunes. His comics for kids have won a Comics Buyer’s Guide Fan Award, and been nominated for an Eisner Award and two Diamond gem awards, while several of his stories for older readers were included in the #1 New York Times bestselling graphic novels Action Comics: Superman and the Men of Steel and Action Comics: Bulletproof. Currently, his stories appear in Scooby-Doo Team-Up, Teen Titans Go!, Looney Tunes, and Scooby-Doo Where Are You? from DC Comics,Mighty Mouse from DynamiteGumby from Papercutz, and Star Wars Adventures from IDW. But two of his coolest recent gigs are contributing sample script pages to the upcoming book Stan Lee’s How to Draw Comics (for which Sholly created the senses-shattering hero/sidekick team True Believer and Excelsior!) and writing one-panel gags about DC characters that will be printed on ice cream sandwiches in Italy. No, not on the wrappers – on the ice cream sandwiches themselves!


Marat Mychaels at New Jersey Comic Expo this November!


Marat Mychaels has had a long and successful career in both comic books and freelance graphic design. He started out as Image Comics first rookie working on the highly successful Extreme Studios Brigade series. Marat has worked for most major publishers including Marvel Comics on titles such as Deadpool Corps an X-Force: Shatterstar and has been the artist for a number of DC Comics including Hawk and Dove and Grifter. Marat resides in Phoenix, AZ where he freelances as a graphic designer and comic book illustrator. Currently working on his successful line of parody books Do You Pooh? and Hardlee Thinn.

David Gallaher will be at NJCE17!


The Only Living Boy, High Moon, It Came in the Mail, Immortals: Gods & Heroes, Deadlands: The Devil’s Six Gun.